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My name is Kirie, 5'11, and I'm 20. I go to DCC (Danville Comm. College.) I'm taking up writing, while I'm there. The little things in life means more to me then the big things. I like to meet new people and make friends. I care for people and I respect how they feel. I dont disrespect anyone. Im not going to put alot on here because that will take away from our conversations. Feel free to ask me anything. ;-)
HighSchool: George Washington High School
College: Danville Community College
Music: I enjoy all kinds of music to be honest, even some country. I'm huge on music and some day I would like to see myself as a singer. I hope to do punk rock.
TV: Mad men, that 70 show, Will and Grace, Spongebob, The walking Dead, Golden Girls, Mtv, etc...
Books: Romance, Suspence, and Horror.
Sports: Volleyball, Swimming, Basketball, Football, Track team, and Tennis.
Interests: Singing, Dancing, Xbox 360, Plays, Food, Friends, Books, and Starting over new.
Movies: Horror, Romance, funny movies, suspence, and a few musicals.
BestFeatures: My smile, heart, kindness, outgoing, making people smile, and showing the inside of me; instead of the outside.
Dreams: To become a great singer and to make music that has meaning to it. If not that then a writer.

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