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I'm a simple guy, with full of energy who wants to share my heart with. I know that sounds simple...but it is very hard to find a person who can make u smile, laugh and be able to share your secrets with. I have a heart that could make a person feel like they are in the clouds and will never fall....but enough about that contact me and I will tell you more.
JuniorHighSchool: Highland Middle School
Music: I pretty much listen to anything and everything...I guess the only thing I don't listen to is death metal.
TV: NCIS, NCIS LA, House, True Blood...just to name a few.
Sports: All Seattle teams...baseball being my favorite
Interests: Watching baseball...going out to the beach...and hanging with my friends.
Movies: I love scary, horror movies...and my favorite actors hmmmm....james earl jones...but there is more just to many to mention.
BestFeatures: Smile, personality, lips...just to name a few...contact me and find out more.
Dreams: Well...my dreams are simple...find that person who accepts life to its fulliest...and wants to share there dreams and life with me and make both our dreams come true.

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